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Submission information and guidelines for Get Lit! Festival 2023
Get Lit! Festival 2023 will be our 25th anniversary, and it is sure to be an exciting event. We learned a lot over the past several years and are proud of the virtual events we have been able to provide, which you can still watch for free anytime on our YouTube channel, and plan to continue offering virtual events in 2023. We want to thank all of the authors, sponsors, community partners, and interns who made the 2022 festival such a success. We were thrilled with our lineup, which included Brandon Hobson, Beth Piatote, Kenn Kwapis, Emma Noyes, Chen Chen, and many others. We were also thankful that grant funding made it possible for us to offer almost all of our events at no cost. We hope that if you enjoyed the festival, you’ll consider donating to our program, or picking up some of our festival merchandise, which is still on sale on our website

The 25th annual Get Lit! Festival is being planned primarily as an in-person celebration, with some additional virtual events. The festival will take place Thursday, April 20th through Sunday, April 23rd, 2023.

If you are an author or group of authors looking to be featured at the next festival, you can submit your event ideas here. Each year we present readings, writing workshops, craft classes, panel discussions, poetry slams, book launches, and many other events. As stated above, 2023’s festival will offer both in-person and virtual options, so please read the full guidelines below before drafting your submission.
The 2023 festival will also include a book fair, which will be set-up at our festival hub, the historic Montvale Event Center. The book fair will feature many local and regional small presses, literary magazines, bookstores, arts organizations, nonprofits, etc. Organizations and vendors seeking to be part of the in-person book fair should also submit using this portal.

Authors: If you’d like to be involved with Get Lit! 2023, please submit the following (as applicable):

  • CV that includes contact information, web address, list of publications by genre, prizes and awards, and other relevant experience.
  • A digital ARC of your work, a PDF sample, or links to online publications.
  • A brief cover letter explaining why you are interested in being part of the festival, and why your event will be of interest to our community and the writing community at large.    
    • If you are interested in presenting a panel discussion, it is best to submit an idea for a complete panel with 3-5 panelists and a moderator. The more information you can give us in your submission the better! (The same goes for a proposed reading event with a specific group of writers!)
  • Specify at the top of your cover letter whether you are submitting an event for: in-person, virtual, or either.
  • Please note that we are a non-profit with limited funding, and while we do offer a very modest honorarium to participating authors, it likely will not cover travel costs.

Vendors/Orgs: If you are applying to be part of the book fair, please submit:

  • Cover letter that tells us a little about your organization, and what you hope to get out of the book fair (ie: do you want to sell books, present hands-on activities, or simply raise awareness about your org).
  • Participants should plan to bring their own table/chairs, though if this will be a barrier for you to attend, please include that in your application as we do have very limited equipment available via our venue.
  • Please note: there is a $100 charge for space at our book fair in 2023, and this covers both Saturday and Sunday. It is our preference that you join us for both Saturday and Sunday, but you will still be considered if you can only make one of those days. (Payment will only be due if your submission is selected.)

Info on going virtual:
We are excited to include some pre-recorded and live virtual content in our festival schedule, so if you plan to present digitally we ask that you highlight your experience and comfort level with Zoom, as well as any other tech requirements you may have. (We will be using Get Lit!’s Zoom account to record all virtual events.) Please see our YouTube channel for examples.

What we’re looking for in 2023:
We are open to all themes and ideas, but are especially interested in featuring the following:

  • Writers of color
  • LGBTQ+ writers
  • Writers with disabilities
  • Nonfiction writers, especially memoirists
  • Journalists

Events/authors focusing on:

  • Environmental and social justice
  • Mental health issues
  • True crime
  • Translation/International themes
  • Film/screenwriting
  • Media criticism
  • Genre bending
  • Gaming/world building
  • Podcasting/audio genres

A final note: while many of our authors and events are chosen from these online submissions, we do also solicit many of our headlining authors each year. We offer every participant an honorarium as a thank you for sharing their time and talent, but as a non-profit that relies on grants, sponsorships, and ticket sales to cover all festival costs, this payment is very modest and will fluctuate from year to year. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.